What do I do if I see a water leak?


What do I do if I see a water leak?


With any leak start by trying to minimize the damage by first turning off the water to the leaking item and then drying and airing out as much as possible. You are trying to prevent damage to the surface, like paint, drywall, tile coming off, staining wood and cabinets, linoleum or flooring damage. You are also trying to prevent structural problems ex: warping and buckling of wall and floor members, rotten wood. And you are trying to prevent health issues ex: insects and insect damage, rodents, and the mold black or otherwise that smells and can cause serious asthma and infections.

If the leak has gone on for some time you may have some of these things to deal with, but you can prevent further damage.

Finding and repairing a leak is a process. Start by asking where the water could be coming from. Then start testing your theory. I solved a toilet leak in one bathroom by putting glass doors on the shower.




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